Stress Relief for the Week Ahead

Of course, we all know how stressful the weekdays can be, especially Mondays. Yeah, I’m like Garfield…I always get done in by them. Well, anyway, it’s great to have a stress reliever. So, my idea of stress relief is creativity (or playing with my kids, especially my 21 month old 😄). 

I decided to work on some patterns I’m writing. They are hat and scarf sets for men. I will sell them individually in my Etsy Store and after they’ve been well received, in book format at a discounted price. Here is one of the scarves in progress:

Men’s knit scarf.

Hopefully everyone will like the patterns. I haven’t been able to focus on Thought Of It or TOI Pattern Shop, both of my Etsy shops, or my blog lately since I’ve been so busy with the kids and general life, but I want to revitalize it. It has fallen far below my expectations and, I’m sure, everyone elses as well. I want it to become great and will start to do my best. Life has just run me over lately and I’ve been super disheartened with how badly my shop has done. I hope to make a good amount of sales before the end of this year so we can have a GOOD Christmas for once!!

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a great weekend and will find stress relief for the upcoming week. Bye for now!


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