Friday…Will I actually use my weekend wisely??

Probably not, but hey, I can dream! Even though I’m an at-home mom now, I’m still programmed from my youth to look at weekends as time to do stuff I WANT to do. The only difference now is, it’s getting projects done, not kicking back or just having fun. However, my youngest is almost 2 and he demands much of mommy’s time, so I usually wind up sitting around with him, not getting much done. I swear, this time, it will be different.

See, here in about 58 days, I will be selling my handmade stuff at a local arts & crafts fair. I still have a TON to finish, though, so I need nearly every waking moment to be focused on crafting. Hopefully my kids will let me😊 I’m determined to make money for my kids’ Christmas gifts and to pay past due bills this year. I know, why not just save instead of buying craft supplies? Well, truth be told, I’ve had a lot of these craft supplies 5 years or more, before we had all these money problems…and no, I promise my craft buying isn’t to blame. My husband lost a couple of good-paying jobs and we went downhill from there. I just want to make this year’s Christmas better and start the new year off financially stronger than this year. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me good luck😊

Say, I have a serious question for you: how do you feel about me turning my blog into a type of online craft magazine? I need everyone’s opinion to keep me from failing at something else! Please let me know and have a fulfilling weekend😘



  1. I have a two year old too! Oh gosh, I wiped up four chocolate milk spills today to turn around and only find him in the fridge reaching for the milk once again!!! Gah!!!

    So, sorry about to hear about your financial troubles. I hope that your new year brings a good paying job for your husband.

    I love your idea of an online magazine! There are so many blogs out there it’s really hard to stand out, this might be your thing. Please let me know if we can help you in anyway with this new endeavour if you go forward with it.


    • Gotta love those toddlers, huh! I appreciate you offering to help and I probably will ask for critique, suggestions, and guests, so thank you very much! And yes, I don’t stand out, so hopefully this is my thing and I hope it turns out to be as fun and engaging as my brain thinks it will be. – Dawne

  2. I have been thinking about you. Wondering how the magazine is going? Michelle and I were chatting and feeling like the blog wasn’t working out for us and decided to the same thing as you. From what I am reading it is a great choice. Blogs are on the way out and online magazines are on the way in. Maybe we can help each other figure this out😊

    • Hi there! Yeah, honestly, I think what you two write about would make a great e-zine. I look forward to seeing it, so please make sure to let me know when it’s ready, even if it’s a year from now! I have had a lot going on personally lately, so I haven’t been reading any blogs, ignoring most emails, et cetera. However, I just really started working on my e-zine yesterday. I decided I’m going to get a separate website for mine (not on WordPress), I’m going to keep this blog for my Etsy shop. I also discovered, an apparently very well-known e-zine creator platform. I am starting out with a month-to-month basic subscription until I know this is going to work. I downloaded a guidebook from called Subscription Website Publishing. I hope it helps to explain a lot of the workings of a paid-for e-zine. Maybe some of this may work for you. Thanks for thinking of me, and good luck in your endeavours! 🙂

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