I’ve been creating anything I possibly could from the time I was 6.  My first love was writing (still is one of my passions!) and I was writing and illustrating my own little books at that age.  I’ve developed many loves through the years, each of them coming from a creative block with something I was already working on.  I have been into crochet since I was 11, being self-taught in crochet (and everything else I do).  I’m currently sharpening my existing knitting skills, hoping to finally learn all the tricks to shaping beautiful garments, like the one’s in Vogue Knitting Magazine.  It’s tough, at times, trying to teach yourself everything…It would be nice to have a mentor in at least SOMETHING I do!  However, I am pretty good at learning on my own and determined to get to where I want to be, regardless of where it looks like I’m heading!

If you want to see what I do, check out my shop on Etsy:


Here’s a link to a shop that’s currently in progress that’s exclusively for babies and kids:


I hope you like what you see, and feel free to leave comments.  I like hearing what people are interested in 🙂

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